Games to play at home this summer

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Are you looking for games to play at home using only things found around your house? Look no further!

In case you haven’t heard – school’s out for summer! With long stretches of hot days still to come, you might be looking forward to playing some new games with your family or people in your household. Check out this list of games you can play at home using common household objects, such as paper, socks, and even a trash can! We’d love to see you playing so be sure to tag us on Instagram or Facebook when you try one of these out.

    1. Popcorn: This fun, high energy game only requires one thing to play: a crumpled up piece of paper! This game can be played by all ages either outside or inside, just make sure you have plenty of space to throw the paper in the air without breaking anything around you.
    2. Trash Can Basketball: All you need for this game is a pair of socks (or something small and sturdy) and a trash can, laundry basket, or any other thing that can act as a basket for the game.
    3. Queens: This is a great twist on a tag game that helps everyone practice balance! If you don’t have cones easily available when you want to play, you can use anything one can put on their heads and isn’t breakable. Make sure to practice safety by playing this game in a wide open space and using soft “butterfly fingers” to tag.
    4. Bob the Bunny: Be careful or this song will be stuck in your head forever. Bob the Bunny is a game perfect for younger kids, and is played with all players sitting in a circle, making it perfect for smaller spaces. Bob can be any object, stuffed bunny or not. 
    5. Huckle Buckle Beanstalk: This is a favorite game in schools, and is sure to be a blast at home as well! All you need is a small object that is easy to hide (you can use a larger object to make it easier) and a group that is ready to have some fun.
    6. Four Corners: This classic game can be recreated in any space, and there’s absolutely no equipment needed!
    7. I See, I See: Lights, camera, action! This is the perfect game to play if you want to use your imagination, acting skills, and creativity. Perfect for kids of all ages, this game can also be played outside or inside.
    8. Let’s Go Fishing: Think of this game as a harder version of “Red Light, Green Light,” which is perfect for older kids. Let’s Go Fishing will be best to play outside in a yard or alley where players will have enough space to move and really get into the game.
    9. Mystery Creature: Grab your pens and paper for Mystery Creature! This is a great game to play if you’re lower energy, as it doesn’t require a lot of moving. However, for an added twist, add an acting component to it.
    10. Rainbow Run: This is a great game to practice colors with younger kids! Rather than use hula hoops (unless you have hula hoops at home), create the rainbow with any objects.

School vacation can seem daunting to caretakers without the structure of school to fill kids’ days. With the games above, we hope to make it easy to play alongside the kids in your life. For more games, check out our free online game library!

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