Corporate Group Volunteers

Playworks offers turn-key opportunities that help you increase employee satisfaction, retain competitive talent, and raise brand awareness for your organization in our community.

Our play experts will train and support your employees in the course of a volunteer engagement, ensuring that your employees may have an impact by:

  • modeling positive behaviors and offering encouragement to every kid
  • teaching values like cooperation and teamwork
  • getting in the game and playing
  • fostering creativity and collaboration
  • using conflict resolution skills through RoShamBo
  • transforming a playspace
  • delivering curriculum on leadership, goal-setting, or other topics of your choosing (that align with Playworks values).

Engage your Team

Playworks wants to help you turn your employees into community game-changers. We facilitate custom volunteer engagements ranging from Play Days in local schools to playspace transformations. Our expert and energetic staff will train, support, and empower your employees to make an impact in our community while also having a great time together.

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Playworks offers a unique opportunity to showcase your corporate values and directly impact kids through recess and play. Find out about how we can work together.

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