RULER & Playworks are Teaming Up!

The Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and Playworks are excited to share play-based resources with you that you may be able to integrate into your classroom practice. Play can build community and deepen rapport in your classroom and can support developing social-emotional skills in ways that complement your ongoing efforts in this area.

Learn more about play and Social-EmotionaL Learning!


Check out these mini-courses to find strategies that you can use in the classroom.  We hope you find them useful and fun!

Build Trust and Rapport through Play

6-minute course | Trust is the foundation of learning, and playing together builds trust. Try on fun, play-based strategies for developing rapport with your students.

Build Community through Icebreaker Games

5-minute course | Making friends is hard! But positive relationships between students make a big difference in school climate. Learn to lead icebreaker games that help students build community.

Foster Teamwork through Cooperative Games

6-minute course | Games can teach kids to work together. Learn how to effectively facilitate cooperative games to help students develop teamwork and leadership skills.