Zip, Zap, Pop

  1. Icebreaker
  2. Indoor Game
  • Any Size

  • Grades 3-5

  • None

  • Less Than 10 minutes

In this sequencing game, students will develop comfort with their peers and strengthen their concentration skills. To begin, teach the students a hand gesture to go with the words “Zip,” “Zap,” and “Pop.” The leader will begin by “passing” a zip to a neighbor. The neighbor follows with a “zap,” and passes it to another player. The last player provides the “pop.” If a player hesitates, they must leave the circle and try to distract the other players.

Development Goal

To practice listening to directions, concentration, and social comfort within group.

Before You Start

  • Have the group stand in a circle. Explain the three different actions, ‘Zip’, ‘Zap’, and ‘Pop’:
    • First pass a ‘Zip’ around the circle, accompanied by placing a hand on top of the head with the fingers pointing at the person on either side. Pass the word and movement around circle in the same direction.
    • Pass ‘Zap’ around, accompanied by putting the hand below the chin (at the player’s shoulder).
    • A ‘Pop’ is done by pointing with two hands palms together to anyone in the circle, who then passes a Zip to someone else around circle. Make sure there is eye contact with the person receiving the ‘Pop’.
  • The actions must always come in the same order, Zip, Zap, then Pop.
  • Once everyone is familiar with the words and movements, begin the game.

Set Up

Designate playing space large enough for the group to form a circle (cafeteria, gym, classroom)

How to Play

  • The leader starts with a ‘Zip’ and passes it to the person either to their left or right.
  • It is up to the person who receives it which direction to pass it, and they do a ‘Zap’.
  • The next person must ‘Pop’ it, sending it to someone across the circle.
  • ‘Zip’ and ‘Zap’ can be sent in either direction.
  • If person hesitates they are out and can go around the outside of the circle heckling the group, saying the words Zip, Zap, Pop in people’s ears, trying to distract them.