1. Ball Games
  2. Recess Games
  • Small Group (1-10)

  • Grades 1-2

  • Balls

  • Less Than 10 minutes

Development Goal

To develop basic ball handling skills and hand-eye coordination.

Before You Start

  • Demonstrate how to hit the ball against the wall.
  • Choose players to help demonstrate game.
  • As they play, point out various rules and directions.
  • Ask the players to explain the boundaries and how to hit the ball.


Set Up

Use a play area with a smooth, wide wall and marked boundaries are helpful.

How to Play

  • The game begins when one player serves the ball by hitting the ball towards the wall.
  • The ball must bounce one time on the ground before it reaches the wall.
  • The receiving player must let the ball hit the wall and bounce once before returning it.
  • The player can then return the ball by hitting it and reaching the wall in one bounce off the ground.
  • Play continues until the ball:
    • Bounces on a line or outside the boundaries.
    • Hits the wall without bouncing off the ground.
    • Bounces twice before it is returned.
    • Is not allowed to bounce.
  • When a player stops the play, s/he goes to the end of the line and a new player comes into the game.
  • The remaining player is the server and begins the next game.


  • For lower skilled players, allow them to catch and return the ball.
  • After play has advanced past this basic game, players can add special rules. For example, instead of requiring one bounce before returning the ball, a player could allow returns before the ball bounces as well as on a single bounce.