Tunnel Ball

  1. Ball Games
  2. Recess Games
  • Large Group (10 and up)

  • Grades 3-5

  • Balls

  • 10 minutes or more

Development Goal

To develop teamwork and a sense of boundaries.

Before You Start

Review dodgeball safety rules, including throwing underhand.

Set Up

  • Create two circles with chalk, one small and one much larger.
  • Place three cones in the middle of the inner circle.

How to Play

  • Divide the group into two teams – offense and defense.
  • The offense stands outside of the large circle. The defense must remain in between the two circles. Both teams can move freely within their areas, but cannot cross over into the other team’s zone.
  • The offensive team is given three dodgeballs. They are attempting to knock over the cones in the middle circle. Once all three cones have been knocked over, the teams switch roles.
  • The defensive team can block the balls and defend the cones with any part of their body, as long as they remain in their zone.
  • If the ball is stuck in the middle, the defensive team must go get it and throw it outside the circles.


  • Use only one ball and one target (to encourage passing and teamwork).
  • Use more balls to make sure that everyone feels involved.