1. Autonomous/Self-access Games
  2. Indoor Game
  3. Recess Games
  4. Rotational Games
  • Any Size

  • Grades 1-2

  • None

  • Less Than 10 minutes

Development Goal

To develop active listening capability.

Before You Start

  • Make sure everyone know the four areas to run to.
  • Review how to play ro-sham-bo (rock-paper-scissors).
  • Play a practice round.

Set Up

A four-square court or four cones forming a square and one additional cone in the middle.

How to Play

  • Five players at a time. Each player occupies a corner or the middle.
  • Play begins when the person in the middle says “Switch”.
  • All players must find a new corner/cone to occupy. No player can go to the center cone.
  • If two players arrive at the corner at the same time a quick rock-paper-scissors is played, winner stays.
  • The next person in line, become the person in the middle and begins the next round.


  • Use different shapes
  • Add more areas the players can run to
  • Use for different colored hula hoops. Have the player in the middle call out a color that signals the players to run/switch. The caller runs to the color which s/he called aloud. All other players have to switch hula hoops but may not run to the color that was called out.