• Ages 6-10

  • None

  • 10 Minutes

In addition to being a funny sound effect, Splat is also a circle game that will have students ducking and laughing all day. Put yourself in the middle of the fun and lead the group with your best Splat!

Development Goal

To develop quick thinking and concentration.

Before You Start

  • Group forms a circle with one player in the middle
  • Make sure everyone understands the importance of safety and control
  • Check that all players know the rules and what happens if you are last to splat

How to Play

  • The player standing in the middle of the circle is the “splatter”.
  • The splatter randomly points to someone and shouts “SPLAT!”
  • The player pointed to must duck down; then the two players on either side of the “ducker” must “splat” each other by pointing to the other and saying “SPLAT!”
  • The last one to splat sits down, and the player ducking stands back up.
  • The game continues until there are two players left, have them Rock Paper Scissors to determine who will be the new splatter in the middle.


  • Instead of sitting down when last to splat, have that player switch with the player in the middle.
  • Or have them perform a task to get back in the game.