• Pre K/K

  • No equipment needed

Development Goal

To develop quick thinking and concentration.

Before You Start

  • Group forms a circle with one player in the middle
  • Make sure everyone understands the importance of safety and control
  • Check that all players know the rules and what happens if you are last to splat.

How to Play

  • The player standing in the middle of the circle is the “splatter”.
  • The splatter randomly points to someone and shouts “SPLAT!”
  • The player pointed to must duck down; then the two players on either side of the “ducker” must “splat” each other by pointing to the other and saying “SPLAT!”
  • The last one to splat sits down, and the player ducking stands back up.
  • The game continues until there are two players left, have them Rock Paper Scissors to determine who will be the new splatter in the middle.


  • Instead of sitting down when last to splat, have that player switch with the player in the middle.
  • Or have them perform a task to get back in the game.