• Grades 1-2

  • Baseball Bat

Development Goal

To develop teamwork, verbal communication and hand-eye coordination.

Before You Start

Skills Practiced:  Running, throwing, catching and depth perception.
Equipment Needed:  Softball/baseball mitts, one ball, one bat, one catcher’s mask, and bases.
  • The team who wins Ro Sham Bo gets to choose whether to bat or field first.
  • There are nine players on each team.
  • Field Positions:  3 base-players (1st, 2nd , 3rd), 3 outfield (left, center, right fields), 1 short-stop, 1 pitcher and 1 catcher.
  • A regulation softball field is 60x 60 between the bases; a regulation baseball field is 90x 90.
  • A base line marks the running path between the bases.

How to Play

The pitcher controls the play of the game.

  • Play begins with the pitcher throwing the ball to the person up to bat (the batter).
  • Play stops when the ball is thrown to the pitcher.
  • Teams switch sides after three outs or nine runs are scored.
Outs are granted when:
  • The batter swings and misses the ball three times; the miss is called a strike.
  • The batter hits a fly ball and it is caught before it touches the ground.
  • When a fly ball is in the air, the base runners must remain on base until after the ball is caught (called tag-up) before they can advance to the next base.
  • The base-player has control over the ball and a foot on the base before the batter (now base-runner) reaches the base.
  • If the base-runner must advance because of another runner or batter behind, it is called a force-out and the fielding team only has to tag the base to call an out.
  • If there is no runner or batter behind, it is not a force out and the fielder with the ball must tag the base-runner.
  • The base-runner is tagged on his/her body with the ball before s/he arrives at the base.
  • One base-runner passes another.
  • A base-runner intentionally interferes with a fielder who is trying to recover the ball.
  • If the ball is hit outside the base lines, it is called a foul.
  • Fouls count as strikes, however a foul does not count as strike three.
  • If a fielder attempts to throw the ball to a base- player and the ball is overthrown, the runner advances one base.
  • A run is scored for the batting team when a base-runner touches all 4 bases, in order, without being called out at any time.