Sequence Touch

  1. Indoor Game
  2. Readiness Games
  • Large Group (10 and up)

  • Grades 1-2

  • None

  • Less Than 10 minutes

Development Goal

To develop listening, memorization and sequencing skills.

Before You Start

Skills Practiced: Evasion and spatial awareness

  • Demonstrate how to avoid other people when running towards the object you are trying to tag.
    • Always keep your head up.
    • You do not have to always go straight, move side to side to avoid running into other people.
  • Explain the importance of being aware of yourself and others around you.
  • Show them where the return location is after they tag all of the objects.

Set Up

Designate an area that has objects to can run to and tag (i.e. basketball hoop, fence, grass and so on).

How to Play

  • The object of the game is to remember and tag all of the objects listed as quickly as you can and return to the designated area.
  • For example, when you say the magic work “banana”, everyone must go tag a basketball hoop, a fence, and something green then return to where they are before you count down from 10.
  • Have them repeat the instructions back to you before you say the magic word.


  • Have them touch the objects with different parts of their bodies
  • Skip, hop, or act like an animal while tagging the objects

Indoor Modifications:

  • Be mindful of the space you’re in and modify the directions based on its limitations. Instead of run, walk or hop. Choose objects to tag that aren’t breakable and won’t be overly congested.