Roshambo Rockstar

  1. Icebreaker
  2. Indoor Game
  • Large Group (10 and up)

  • Grades 1-2

  • None

  • Less Than 10 minutes

Development Goal

To increase social comfort, learn everyone’s name, improve verbal and non-verbal communication.

Before You Start

  • Review the rules of Rock Paper Scissors (also called Roshambo).
  • Make sure everyone understands the rules and how they support the person who won Roshambo.

How to Play

  • Group everyone into pairs.
  • Have each partner group introduce themselves and play a round of Roshambo (or enough rounds to break a tie).
  • Everyone who does not win becomes the winner’s cheerleader, following them and shouting ‘Go _____!’
  • The winner moves on to play another winning student.
  • Each round, the winner advances to play again and the non-winners and any previous cheerleaders are now all cheering for that winner.
  • The game continues this way until it is down to two players and the whole group is cheering for one or the other.


Alternate Names:

  • Roshambo Champion
  • Rock Paper Scissors Cheerleader