Partner Challenge

  1. Icebreaker
  • 11+ Players

  • All Ages

  • None

  • 5-10 Minutes

This is a great icebreaker game. In this game, players are randomly paired together to complete a quick activity and answer an icebreaker question.


To meet new people and practice communication and listening skills.

Before You Start

  • Identify the game boundaries.
  • Choose a magic word for the game. The magic word will signal when to start and stop moving around the space. If you are using music, make sure everyone knows to move when the music is playing and freeze when the music stops.
  • Review the Mingle Dance or other movement that players will use to move around the space.
    • Mingle Dance – players roll their arms as they walk and sing, “Mingle, mingle, MINGLE! Mingle, mingle, MINGLE!”

Set Up

Have the players circle up in the middle of the playing area.

How to Play

  • Play music or have participants sing “mingle, mingle” as they dance/move around the space.
  • When the music stops or the magic word is called, participants freeze and partner up with the person closest to them.
  • Play for three rounds: each round dedicated to a special partner challenge and Think, Pair, Share (TPS) question to be answered after meeting each partner.
    • Round 1: Double high-five / Fist bump partner
      • Q: What is your favorite game/activity? 
    • Round 2: Secret salutation partner [handshake, dance greeting, etc.]
      • Q: What is your favorite animal?
    • Round 3: Staring contest partner [hold eye contact until someone blinks]
      • Q: What is your favorite food?
  • Ask a few players to share their answers to the TPS question, then use the magic word to resume moving around the space for the next round of play.


  • Come up with different partner challenges and TPS questions.
  • Play multiple rounds, having players find new partners, or pair up with a previous partner (i.e., find your staring contest partner).
  • Incorporate TPS questions related to classroom learning, such as discussing what you liked about a story, or solving a math problem together.
  • Alternative game name:  Mingle, Mingle