Museum Night Janitor

  1. Autonomous/Self-access Games
  2. Indoor Game
  3. Recess Games
  • Any Size

  • Ages 3-5

  • Cones

Development Goal

Self-control. Skills practiced include spatial awareness and freezing.

Before You Start

  • Talk to students about what statues do: Do they move? Do they touch each other? Do they make a lot of noise? But we all know they come alive and move around the museum at night, right?

  • Remind students to be safe and be aware of where their friends are around them.  We want to ensure students do not run into each other.

  • Have students practice appropriate statue poses.

Set Up

  • Make sure the space is clear of obstacles and there are boundaries for where you will be playing

  • Designate an area where students will go to do jumping jacks when they get caught moving

Equipment needed to play the game:

  • “Flashlight” for the janitor to hold (cone, marker, anything they can pretend is a flashlight)

How to Play

  • Everyone is going to be a statue, and they can’t let the janitor catch them moving.

  • The janitor will move slowly around the room, pointing his/her flashlight at the statues. If s/he shines the flashlight on a student and that student moves/laughs/etc., s/he will have to go to the designated area and do 5 jumping jacks (or consequence of your choice) to get back into the game.

  • If playing this indoors/in a classroom, encourage students to be sneaky when they’re moving around.  You do not want the janitor to hear you moving!


  • For older students, this game can be combined with other games, such as silent ball, for an added challenge.