Magic Ball

  • Pre K/K

  • Bouncy Balls

Development Goal

To develop creative thinking and cooperation

Before You Start

Talk about how to pass a ball, not throw it at the person next to them.

Set Up

Have players sit in a circle.

How to Play

  • In the circle, have players think of three magic words.
  • Repeat and practice the magic words in a particular order a few times.
  • Come up with what the magic ball is going to turn into (ex. a sticky ball), say the magic words and all of a sudden the ordinary recess ball turns into a magic ball. Pick up the ball and pass it in a sticky motion… hands sticking to the sides of the ball.
  • Have each player take a turn with the magic ball.  Once the ball gets back to you place it back in the center of the circle and come up with a new magic ball (ex. a heavy ball, an apple, a slippery ball, take student ideas).


Have players stand up in a circle, make the circle bigger or smaller.  Use different types of passing (ex. bounce pass, chest pass, rolling).