Line of Silence

  • Pre K/K

  • None

Communicating without words—that’s the way this game is played! This fun line activity can be played just about anywhere, anytime.

Development Goal

To help students see themselves in relationship to one another and improve nonverbal communication.

Before You Start

Skills Practiced: Following directions

  • Explain that this is a silent challenge.
  • Demonstrate or brainstorm other ways to communicate without talking.


Line students up against a wall or on a line on the floor.

How to Play

  • Instruct students to line up in a particular order without speaking (for example, students may line up by birthday, the first letter of their first name, etc.).
  • After the first round, have a discussion with the students about what was challenging, different ways they communicated with each other, and other creative ways they might do the next lineup.
  • Give them a second category for lining up and start again!