1. Ball Games
  2. Recess Games
  3. Rotational Games
  4. Tag Games
  • Any Size

  • Grades 3-5

  • Footballs

Development Goal

To develop eye-hand coordination and teamwork

Before You Start

  • Everyone begins in a line.
  • Explain the three main positions of the game: defender, receiver, and quarterback, as well as the rotation of the positions.

Set Up

Open area appropriate for the size of players and throwing skills.

How to Play

  • The first person in line goes down the field to start as the defender.
  • The second person takes a step to the right to start as the receiver.
  • The third person has the ball to start as the quarterback.
  • When the quarterback says hike,€™ the receiver runs toward the goal line and the defender moves toward the receiver. 
  • The quarterback is trying to throw the ball to the receiver so that s/he can catch it and run to the end zone without being tagged.
  • The round of play ends, if...
    • The ball drops,
    • The defender catches the ball,
    • The defender tags the receiver, or
    • The receiver scores
  • Once the round of play is over, the everyone switches positions. The quarterback becomes the receiver, the receiver goes down the field to become the defender, and the defender returns to back of the line.


  • If there are several players, create more lines and provide a football for each line.
  • Have more than one receiver and defender.
  • Allow handoffs as well.
  • Apply the game to kickball with the positions of pitcher, kicker, and outfielder.
  • Apply the game to basketball with the positions of point guard, forward, and defender.