I See, I See!

  1. Icebreaker
  • Any Size

  • Grades 1-2

  • Cones

  • Less Than 10 minutes

Development Goal

Students are able to unleash their potential for creativity. Because there really is not a wrong way for the students to do any action incorrect, they are developing self-confidence as well as awareness that everyone has an equal ability to participate.

Before You Start

  • Make sure the students know to NOT make any body contact with each other (to prevent injury).
  • Students need to also know where they can walk so that none of them are wondering off where they are not supposed to be.

Set Up

Can be played outside, in a gym or in a classroom. Get the students attention with attention getters. Again, demonstrate the boundaries of the space and their own physical boundaries.

How to Play

  • Students begin walking around in the designated area. (Make the walk fun: have them do a cool walk, slow-mo walk, zombie walk, etc.)
  • When Coach says the words “I See, I See,” the students freeze.
  • After the students freeze, they will ask Coach, “What do you see?”
  • Coach will then say, “I See ______.” The blank can be anything.
  • Whatever Coach says, the students act it out in the designated area.
    An example dialogue for the game:
    COACH: “I See, I See!!”
    STUDENTS: “What do you see?”
    COACH: “I see a superhero flying in the sky!”
    [Students then act like superheroes flying in the sky.]
  • After the students have successfully acted, Coach will then repeat the phrase, “I See, I See,” and the game will continue in the same type of action/dialogue, but with a new action.