1. Readiness Games
  2. Recess Games
  3. Tag Games
  • Any Size

  • Ages 3-5

  • Hula Hoops

  • Less Than 10 minutes

Development Goal

Teach community involvement, rotational games, inclusion.  Skills practiced include evasion, spatial awareness and kicking.

Before You Start

  • Have students stand in line where they will go if they get out to watch a demonstration.
  • Practice/demonstrate kicking the hula hoop safely across the ground.

Set Up

Prepare boundaries and a space for students to line up when they get out.

How to Play

  • Choose 2-3 students to be “it” (based on number of students playing).
  • Each student who is “it” will have one hula hoop. This student, and this student only, can touch the hula hoop with his/her feet. It must remain flat on the ground.
  • On the magic word, all students can move freely around the playing area and the students who are “it” will begin kicking their hula hoops toward other students’ toes.
  • If a student is hit in the foot with a hula hoop, s/he goes to the sidelines and a line of students is formed on the sidelines.
  • If a student who is still in the game can jump with both feet in a hula hoop and say the magic word without getting hit by the hula hoop, the first student in line can return to the game.
  • After a few minutes, freeze the game and choose new taggers/let all students back in the game to start a new round.


  • For very young students (kindergarten) it works best to have students go to a designated area and do jumping jacks (or other consequence) to get back into the game).
  • Another option for getting back in is to have all students on the sidelines get back in if a player jumps in a hula hoop and says the magic word. (For instance, if 10 students are out and one student hops into the hoop and says the magic word, all 10 students are now back in the game).