Hot Shot Soccer

  1. Ball Games
  2. Readiness Games
  3. Rotational Games
  • Any Size

  • Ages 3-5

  • Balls

  • Less Than 10 minutes

Development Goal

Concepts, interpersonal relations, cognitive abilities: Respect, waiting your turn, positive language. Skills practiced include eye/foot coordination, kicking and hand/eye coordination.

Before You Start

Have students line up and choose a student to start as the goalie.

Set Up

Set up the soccer goal and a cone for students to line up at when kicking. Prepare two PK Soccer stations if you have more than 10-15 students.

Additional equipment needed:  Soccer goal (or two tall cones to form a goal).

How to Play

  • The first student in line has the soccer ball and gets one “Penalty Kick” to try to get the ball past the goalie.
  • If the ball makes it into the goal (through the cones, shoulders or below if you’re using cones), the kicker now becomes the goalie, giving the outgoing goalie a high five as s/he heads to the back of the line.
  • The ball goes to the player now at the front of the line and it’s her/his turn to kick.


  • Add a dribbling component by giving the kicker a dribbling course of cones to get through before s/he kicks.
  • With younger students, you can choose to have the kicker become the goalie whether they make the ball in the goal or not (so all students get to try both roles).

This game is also called Penalty Kick Soccer or Hot Spot Soccer.