• Pre K/K

  • Bean Bags

Development Goal

To develop balance and coordination.

Before You Start

  • Pick an object such as a bean bag or a small stone that will be thrown on the squares.
  • Number the squares one through ten (or until there is no more.)
  • Explain the rules of play. Have the players explain the rules back to you.

Set Up

Use the lines on a playground or use chalk to create a hopscotch as shown in the picture.

How to Play

  • Hopscotch can be played with one or more people.
  • Players take turns, standing in a line at the start/finish line.
  • Each player will go through the following steps:
    • Toss a stone in square one. Hop over the stone on the way out and pick it up on the way back.
    • If the player misses the toss, pass the stone to the next player in line and return to the back of the line.
    • Hop in the first empty hopscotch square. Balance on one foot in single squares and both feet in side-by-side squares.
    • If the player, loosing his/her balance or steps on a line, s/he returns to the line.
    • On the way back to the start/finish line, pause at the square before the stone. Bend over and pick up the stone without moving feet.
  • Once the player’s turn is complete, s/he passes the stone to the next player in line and goes to the end of the line.
  • After each player successfully completes a turn with the stone in square one, their next turn s/he tosses the stone in square two and so on until the player has completed all ten squares.


  • Simplify the game by having players hop through the hopscotch without a stone to pick up.
  • When using chalk to create the hopscotch, you can change the shape, size, and/or length.
  • Set a time limit, making the game Speed Hopscotch.