Cut the Cake

  • Large Group (10 and up)

  • Ages 6-10

  • None

  • 10 minutes or more

Development Goal

To develop quick thinking capabilities.

Skills Practiced:  Running, physical awareness, teamwork and quick thinking

Before You Start

  • Gather group into a circle holding hands. This circle is the cake.
  • Demonstrate the safe way to cut the cake.
    • Choose a volunteer to help with a demonstration.
    • Holding hands, the two arms that are connected become the knife, which is used to slice the cake.
    • Force is not necessary to slice the cake. Players who are forming the cake should allow the knife to slice through without resistance.
  • Check that all players understand the importance of safety, control and awareness.
  • Emphasize that players must work with their partner to be successful. One partner cannot pull the other around the circle; they should run next to each other.

How to Play

  • Two people walk around the outside circle holding hands and decide where they want to cut the cake. To do so, they use a slicing motion with their joined arms to gently break the chosen connected hands with their arms.
  • The two people whose hands were cut, step out of the circle, reconnect with each other and let go of the people on their other side, creating a second pair.
  • The new team runs in the opposite direction around the circle and try to get back to the open spot before the first pair.
    • The first team back becomes part of the circle and
    • The second team back begins a new round and gets to cut the cake. Any tie can be solved with Ro Sham Bo.
  • Continue the game until everyone has had a turn.