Crossover Dodgeball

  • Grades 3-5

  • Bouncy Balls

Development Goal

To develop strategic thinking.

Before You Start

Skills Practiced: Throwing, catching and evasion.

Equipment Needed: Three to five 3-5 dodgeballs.

  • Review dodgeball safety rules, especially throwing only below the waist.
  • Teach and fairly enforce a consequence for throwing above the waist.


Set Up

Use a large rectangle divided in half.

How to Play

  • Played just like official dodgeball, but instead of going to the waiting area when you get hit in this version you cross sides joining the other team.
There are four ways to get “out”
  • If a player is hit below the waist.
  • If s/he tries to catch the ball and drops it.
  • If s/he throws the ball and someone on the other team catches it before it bounces.
  • If a player goes outside the boundaries unless they are chasing after a ball that has on out on their side
  • Game ends when everyone is on one side.