Clap and Move

  • Ages 3-5

  • None

Development Goal

To develop listening skills

Before You Start

Skills Practiced: Running forward and backward, skipping, hopping, galloping, etc…

  • Students know what signal indicates they can begin to run
  • Clap a few times with a different number, i.e. twice or six times, to demonstrate what signal does not sound like. Then clearly clap three times and count out loud to show what the signal sounds likes

Set Up

Set up a clearly designated rectangular play area with visible boundaries

How to Play

  • Students are listening for the signal of three claps in a row
    • When you clap three times they will run to the other side of the field without touching anyone else
  • Once the students have done this successfully several times, you repeat the game with a different method for them to get across the field, for example skipping, hopping or leaping


  • Change the number of claps students are listening for
  • Change the rhythm of the claps so it is harder to hear the number of claps
  • Other visual cues such as body movements for students who have difficulty hearing

Indoor Modifications:

  • Instead of clapping, snap your fingers to keep the noise down
  • Modify movements so that they are safe for the area that you are using