Catch and Pass Volleyball

  1. Ball Games
  2. Core Playground Games and Sports
  • Large Group (10 and up)

  • Ages 3-5

  • Balls

  • 10 Minutes

Development Goal

To teach teamwork while working together to get the ball over the net.

Skills Practiced: Teamwork, throwing, catching, passing

Before You Start

  • Fairly split the group into two teams.
  • Have volunteers demonstrate the concepts of bumping, setting and serving.
  • Teach the rules of the game and ask the players to explain it back to you.
  • Emphasize the concept of passing and looking for the best place to return the ball.

Set Up

Create a traditional volleyball court, using lines or cones for clear boundaries.

How to Play

  • Arrange players in standard volleyball formation, with four to six players in two rows on each side of the net. Others wait in a line on each side to rotate into the game.
  • The ball is served by throwing or serving it over the net.
  • Players must catch, pass and throw or hit the ball back over the net in three tries or less.
  • Play continues until one team:
    • Hits or throws the ball outside the boundaries.
    • Does not put the ball into play on the other side of the net in three tries or less.
    • Allows the ball to touch the floor on their side.
  • This game can be used to teach rotation.
    • Only the serving team can earn points.
    • If the serving team loses a volley, the other team gets the serve.
    • Teams rotate each time they regain the serve.


If no net is available, consider a rope between two poles or having players practice hitting the ball above head level when returning it to the other team.