Bumpity Bump Bump

  1. Minute Movers/Energizer Games
  • Large Group (10 and up)

  • Ages 3-5

  • None

Development Goal

To increase listening skills, social comfort, memorization and to learn everyone’s name.

Before You Start

The group forms a circle with Player 1 in the center.

How to Play

  • Player 1 walks up to a player in the circle and says one of four things:  “Left,” “Right,” “Straight,” or “Center,” followed immediately by the phrase, “Bumpity-Bump, Bump, Bump.”
  • Player 2 must make the correct response before Player 1 finishes saying “Bumpity-Bump, Bump, Bump.”
  • The correct response for the command “left” is the name of the person on Player Two’s left; for “right,” it’s the name of the person on his or her right, for “straight,” it’s his or her own name; and for “center,” it’s the name of Player 1 (in the center).
  • If Player 2 responds correctly and in time, Player 1 repeats the process with another player.
  • If Player 2 responds incorrectly or too late, s/he takes the center position.