• Any Size

  • Grades 1-2

  • None

  • Less Than 10 minutes

Development Goal

To develop eye-hand coordination

Before You Start

Review the clapping motion, which is: clap your hands, then your hands go out like your giving your two neighbors a high-five.

Set Up

Form a circle with a little space between players.

How to Play

  • Begin the clapping motion as soon as you start the words.  There are four verses.
  • Every verse is basically the same, but the body part changes.
  • The verse: Czechoslovakia, boom-sha-boom, Yugoslavia, boom-sha-boom, let’s get the rhythm in our _______ (do round motion only), we’ve got the rhythm in our _______ (do all the motions).
  • Blank fillers:
    • Round 1: hands (motion is three claps)
    • Round 2: feet (three stomps) Second blank motion is 3 stomps then 3 claps.
    • Round 3: head (shake head and say ay,ay,ay).  Second motion is 3 head shakes, stomps, and 3 claps.
    • Round 4: hips (shake hips and say boing, boing, boing). Second motion is 3 hip shakes, 3 head shakes, 3 stomps, and 3 claps.


For more of a challenge, have everyone continuously walk in a circle.