Blocker Ball

  • Ages 3-5

  • Balls


To develop hand-eye coordination, teamwork and verbal communication

Before You Start

  • Inform players:
    • They must keep at least one foot on their goal line or they must go to the end of the line.
    • They may only hit the ball with their hands.
    • The ball must remain on the ground.

Set Up

Place four cones in a square formation approximately the size of a four square court.

How to Play

  • Players form one line outside the square.
  • The first two (or three with a larger group) players become a team and go to one side of the square.
  • The second two players forms a team and go to the next side, and so-on.
  • Each team is responsible for protecting their goal which is the length of their side of the square.
  • When a ball passes over a sideline, that team goes to the end of the line and the scoring team earns a point.
  • When a team reaches five points they go to the end of the line.
  • Play begins when the ball is tossed into the air and the ball bounces three times while players yell “Blocker Ball!”
  • Teams are not meant to stay the same throughout the game. Players should mix up as the return for their second, third, fourth (and so on) turns.



Orchard Gardens Pilot School Playworks After School Program in Boston, MA