Arena/Flag Tag

  1. Tag Games
  • Large Group (10 and up)

  • Grades 1-2

  • Flags

Development Goal

To develop eye-hand coordination.

Before You Start

  • Each player should have their own flag and jersey
  • Provide an example of where and how to place flags (in a pocket or waist band at least ¾ of the flag showing)
  • Express the need for safe and fair play including no flag guarding, rolling on the ground, taking flags off the ground or calling out “cheater”.
  • Give students a safe way to express their need to review the quality of the game, i.e. approaching Coach or rock-paper-scissors.
  • Review boundaries and rules, ask for questions.


Set Up

A basketball court sized space, Evenly space cones on the outside of the boundaries.

How to Play

  • Everyone moves within the boundaries trying to avoid each other.
  • If a player grabs a flag, they must place it on the ground. 
  • Once a flag is on the ground, it is considered off limits.
  • When a player loses her or his flag, s/he must get down on the ground (sitting or kneeling).
  • In order to get back off the ground, a player who is kneeling may grab a runner'€™s flag and place the flag in her or his pocket.


  • Allow students to crawl on their knees while trying to regain a flag.
  • Double Flag Tag which uses two flags per player.
  • Both flags must be pulled before the player goes down to the ground.