Animal Tag

  1. Tag Games
  • Large Group (10 and up)

  • Grades 1-2

  • None

Development Goal

To develop hand-eye coordination and an ability to listen to directions

Before You Start

  • Demonstrate safe tagging:
  • Light touch, like butterfly wings on the shoulder
  • Unsafe tags: hard contact that might cause the person being tagged to fall
  • Review the boundaries and the consequences for going outside them
  • Group children into 2 groups, assign each group to be an animal
  • Have groups practice making the sound of their animal

Set Up

Designate a large play area with clear boundaries and enough room for students to run around safely.

How to Play

  • The goal is to turn everyone into the same animal as your group.
  • Once the game begins all children should be making animals noises and trying to safely tag each other
  • Once a child is tagged, s/he becomes the animal of the person that tagged her/him.
  • The game continues until all children are the same animal


  • Create more animal groups
  • Choose 1-3 children that cannot be changed from their original animal (to keep the game going continuously)
  • For the hearing impaired, you could have children do animal movements instead of using verbal cues.