Rock Paper Scissors Tournament 2022

Do you have what it takes to be the winner of the largest Rock Paper Scissors game of all time?

Playworks’ Rock Paper Scissors Tournament finale will be a fun, digital competition.

Rock Paper Scissors is a fun game, a key conflict resolution skill that kids learn and practice on Playworks playgrounds, and is a community builder. Kids attribute the game to enabling them to communicate, solve problems, and keep the games they play going. When you play in this tournament, you’ll be joining Playworks community members–kids and adults–from our communities throughout the country for both the joy of the game as well as the chance to break a world record.

The record is held by Tianjin Joy City in Tianjin, China, which had 10,033 participants in 2019. If we break the world record, the tournament winner’s name will be included in the book as a world record holder!

Companies, schools, and community groups can hold pre-tournaments; contact us to learn how. The winners of those events and all registrants of this event will join together for this virtual tournament where we will attempt to break a world record.

You can play as a company, team, or individual. Sponsorship opportunities are available. Bring your friends and co-workers and compete in a bracket-style elimination game to find the Rock Paper Scissors champion.


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