Arizona Legislators Take on Junior Coaches in Second Annual Rock, Paper, Scissors Challenge

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On a sunny February day, the Rose Garden of the Arizona State Capitol was filled with sounds of music, laughter, cheers for Roshambo Rockstar, and even the Macarena.

Thirteen Junior Coaches from Capitol Elementary School (Phoenix Elementary School District #1) took their social studies standards out of the classroom and into the halls of the

 Capitol with a tour of the State House and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to talk with legislators about what being an emerging leader at their school means to them. 

When asked what she loves most about the Junior Coach program, student Alison said, “Being able to help kids learn how to play more games and follow instructions.”

And her favorite games to teach? “Scramble and Foursquare!” 

Legislators from districts all across the state joined in on the fun including: Representatives Lydia Hernandez (AZ-24), Analise Ortiz (AZ-24), Quanta Crews (AZ-26), Sarah Liguori (AZ-5), Marcelino Quinonez (AZ-11), Melody Hernandez (AZ-26), Senator Anna Hernandez (AZ-24), along with their aides, and staff from the Governor’s Office. Representative Liguori, the heralded “Third Grade Champion of RPS – in all of Arizona” took on a brave student with a paper in the first two rounds, ultimately holding up her reigning champion title with the winning rock in the final round. Representative Hodge, an enthusiastic Roshambo player, challenged students to dance-offs, and deserves the loudest Fireworks Clap for showing off his Worm dance to a group of impressed students.     

The goal of the Junior Coach experience is to help students like Alison develop leadership skills, conflict resolution, cooperation, teamwork, and all the skills needed to lead their peers and younger students at their schools,” Kerryann Tomlinson, Playworks Mountain Hub Vice President of Field Operations, explained to a group of legislative staffers. 

We’re grateful for the leaders all across our community – policymakers who use their influence to advocate for healthy, safe, and engaged school environments for the kids in our state; and for the young leaders at those schools, who wield the power of play at every recess to build more thriving school climates, teach the life skills needed for adulthood, and empower students to make positive decisions.     

Special thanks to all who helped make this day a success: Music by Joseph “DJ Dimension” Mercado; Photography by Joshua Verdugo of Mas Bilingual Marketing; and Oracle Strategies.

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