Looking forward to joy in 2023

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Over the last five weeks, we have been exploring the concept of joy.

We’ve answered check-in questions on our Instagram based around joy, heard from five Coaches on Facebook about what brings them joy, and found out from students what about recess brings them so much joy. To close out the year, we have been making an intentional effort to focus on things that have brought abounding joy to us, our students, and our community, and we wanted to thank you for following along in our Joy Series.

In an effort to carry this momentum into the new year, we asked our staff:

“What will bring you joy in 2023?”

“My daughter Emory will bring me joy in 2023. Now that she is one, she will start to talk in actual sentences and learn to walk. It’s going to be a fun year!” -Stephon Lilly, Regional Partnerships Manager

“More adventures in the woods will bring me joy in 2023: Snowshoe-ing, cross country skiing, hiking, running, all of it!” -Dawn Lavallee, Partnerships Director

“Throwing dinner parties for my friends will bring me joy in 2023! I love getting my people together in one space to break bread together over something silly and creative.” -Molly Rosen, Pro Trainer

“Make time to recreate some of the dishes I have saved from the FoodNetwork and my Instagram.” -Deanna Neal, Program Manager

“Maybe I’ll get a puppy??” -Kat Saba, Operations Manager

“I’m looking forward to seeing our Coaches growth from day 1 to day 180!” -Shelby Obert, Program Manager

“I am looking forward to attending more concerts.” -Rachel Poz, Engagement Specialist

“I’m visiting a friend in St. Kitt’s in January, so I’m excited to lay on a beach!” -Leah Kelly, Senior Development Associate

Here’s to another year of joy and play!

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