I love recess because…

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We asked students at a Playworks partner school to finish the sentence: “I love recess because…” Here are a few of their responses:

“I love recess because it is fun. Because I get to play for a little part of my day.”
“I love recess because I get to play basketball with my friends and talk to my friends.”
“I love recess because…it gives you a chance to be outside.”
“I love recess because I get to meet people.”
“I love recess because I get to play with my friends. Why I also like recess is because I can play sports like basketball, football and soccer.”
“I love recess because…soccer and basketball.”
“I love recess because I get to have fun with my friends.”
“I love recess because it is fun and I get to learn new games and I get play with my friends. Recess makes me happy because it is fun to do and it is just nice to do it and nothing goes wrong at recess.”
“I love recess because it is fun and I get to play with my friends.”

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