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ABC 5 Eyewitness News

May 16, 2019

Allianz Life Insurance teams up with Playworks for ‘Teach Me to Play Day’ ›

About 40 volunteers came out to play kickball at Earle Brown Elementary School in Brooklyn Center on Wednesday.  Allianz Life Insurance teamed up with Playworks Minnesota for ‘Teach Me to Play Day.’ Not only did it provide lessons for fourth-graders in learning the game of kickball, but it was also about teaching kids leadership, teamwork,…


February 26, 2019

Indoor recess program keeps kids active in winter ›

Recess could easily be chaotic, especially with more than 1,000 kids cooped up indoors because it’s too snowy or cold. But at Turtle Lake Elementary School, indoor recess is organized. And fun. Coach Brandon Elsner’s job involves visiting classrooms and teaching kids games that are both active and simple.  

The Education Digest

May 1, 2018

Playworks Transforms Elementary School ›

The K-12 education system is changing.   Educators and lawmakers are starting to place as much value on helping young people to develop social emotional skills, such as leadership, collaboration, and conflict resolution, as they do on traditional academic work to create more well-rounded citizens. Many of these lessons, however, cannot be taught in the classroom. Playworks is proving that kids develop many…