The First Ever Opera Recess!

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On December 7 at Forest Elementary School in Robbinsdale, Playworks and the Minnesota Opera combined forces to bring together the fun and play of recess with the drama and grace of opera for the first opera recess. The Minnesota Opera believes that Playworks’ vision aligns with their mission as they create opera education programs that expand the art form, nurture young artists, enrich audiences, and contribute to the vitality of the community.

Members of the Minnesota Opera co-taught over 560 students in grades K– 5 about opera. Through play, students became a part of the story. Students learned two games they could play at recess: Figaro here, Figaro there and flight of the valkyries tag. Minnesota Opera singers joined students in playing these games at recess and performed during kindergarten lunch. 

It was a wonderful pilot that we anticipate replicating in other Playworks schools. For more information on the Minnesota Opera, please click here.

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