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Here at Lucy Laney, Ja’Quis Brown is known as a “Senior Coach.” He is in his second year in the Junior Coach Leadership Program and has taken on additional leadership responsibilities.

In his first year as a Junior Coach, Ja’Quis struggled to meet his academic responsibilities. He was put on a long-term break by his teachers after missing assignments multiple weeks in a row. Playworks Coach Mary continued to meet with him and tried to motivate him, but it was tough.

However, a month before the end of last school year, Ja’Quis turned it around. He made a mental switch and started getting his assignments done and coming back out to his Junior Coach shifts.

When this school year began, Ja’Quis came in determined to be a Junior Coach and to stay a Junior Coach. Ja’Quis continues to get all of his assignments in on time and has stepped up as a role model for the incoming Junior Coaches. Ja’Quis enjoys welcoming them to the group and guiding them through our after-school routine. Ja’Quis comes to all of his shifts on time (unless finishing up class work) with a smile on his face and ready to play. He recently helped to head up our Share the Warmth project and gave multiple classroom presentations followed by a facilitation on how to make fleece tie blankets.

In our Junior Coach Program, Ja’Quis loves to be “Superman,” where he is in charge of giving shout-outs and claps to other Junior Coaches doing a great job. His teachers are impressed with his drive and the work he is producing this year. Coach Mary has also noticed that Ja’Quis takes charge of his emotions, calming himself down by taking deep breaths, walking away from tense situations, and going outside when possible. Ja’Quis has learned the skill of making himself laugh to get over any periods of anger.

Ja’Quis Brown is an incredible 5th grader who brings laughter and leadership to the playground and beyond.

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