2014 Junior Coach Conference

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Playworks Minnesota held its 4th Annual Junior Coach Conference this month. Over 160, 4th and 5th grade students from 14 Minneapolis and St Paul Schools gathered together to experience a day of leadership, learning, and community. 
The conference provided an opportunity for Junior Coaches to feel part of the larger Playworks' school community, develop new leadership skills, and have an introduction to college and how leadership development supports opportunities to enroll and find success in college.  This year our sponsor, LG, worked with the University of Minnesota to provide us with an excellent space for learning and fun! Students were treated to lunch, an introduction to college through the eyes of successful University of Minnesota student athletes, and learning lead by Playworks Coaches and Team members.  
It was a wonderful day of community, learning, fun, and leadership. All involved left feeling moved by the commitment of our Junior Coaches to be engaged, energetic, inclusive leaders in their community. As well as by the work of our Playworks Coaches who have led them on this journey of leadership and engagement!
We would like to offer a special thanks to all who made this day possible including our wonderful sponsors at LG and the University of Minnesota, all their staff and crew, Sports Resource Group for the fun and engaging gaga pit, our Playworks teams for their energy and dedication, and our Junior Coaches for bringing their best, ready to learn and play self, to this special day!  

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