24 Hour Fitness Volunteers Partner with Playworks for Global Play Day

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In celebration of Global Play Day, 24 Hour Fitness employees joined Playworks recess at a local Elementary School. Alongside students from Dalton Elementary in the Aurora Public School District, volunteers jumped into games and modeled inclusivity and positivity. 

During recess, volunteers played Bridgeball, Foursquare, and a few rounds of basketball, while some enjoyed the playground. Dalton Elementary students enjoyed having adults engaging in the activities.

The most frequently asked question was, “Are you coming back tomorrow?”

In partnership with 24 Hour Fitness, we were able to prioritize local school needs in multiple Playworks regions across the country by leveraging opportunities for meaningful play to leave a lasting impact. We strive to engage volunteers as they play with purpose and experience the importance of our mission – as safe, healthy play and connectivity to our communities proves to be as important as ever – for youth and adults.

Playworks partners with corporations to provide opportunities for local employees to engage with school communities in meaningful ways. A Play Day introduces volunteers to the Playworks program and provides an opportunity to experience school recess. Play Days are a great way to see Playworks in action, foster connection and teamwork, and get employees moving. In Colorado, we offer Play Days, Beautifications, Corporate Recess, Appreciation Kit Assembly, and Junior Coach activations. 

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