Hometown Huddle with the Denver Broncos

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One of our favorite events with the Denver Broncos is the Annual Hometown Huddle. During this event, children from Boys and Girls Clubs around the Denver metro area join Playworks and the Denver Broncos at their practice field, UC Health Facility, for a fun evening of play. Kids from different clubs split into groups and join the Denver Broncos in Playworks-led games. Activities included core games like Switch and Magic Tag, a classic game of Sharks and Minnows, Broncos favorites Ultimate Football and Interception, among many others. This year we added Relaxation Station, which students and players enjoyed as a cool down time. This was also a time for kids to show off their Hula Hoop and Jump Rope skills!

Everyone had so much fun being active and inclusive. We appreciate the support of all those who make it special year after year. Check out all the fun from this years Hometown Huddle below and memorable moment on the Broncos website.

Watch the Broncos Hometown Huddle videos.


(Photo Credit: Ben Swanson, DenverBroncos.com).



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