Celebrating Our March Coach of the Month

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Our March Coach of the Month is . . . Coach Katie! Coach Katie is a first-year AmeriCorps program coordinator serving at McMeen Elementary. This past month Katie, organized and ran a school dance for her school complete with prizes, line dances, and a whole lot of fun.

During the month of March, Coach Katie worked with her school staff to plan and run the dance for her students. The dance was part of the Community Engagement Initiative (CEI), a project that every AmeriCorps member needs to run at their school. CEIs are meant to help bring school communities together with something that the community does not readily have access to. Katie met with many members of her administrative team to decide that a dance is what people would value. Before the dance took place, she taught many dance moves in class game times, recess, and after school. She created competitions with teachers to get students and families to the event, had prizes and food donated, and let the class with the most student in attendance pie her in the face! The event was a smashing success and a ton of fun for both the school and neighborhood community.

Coach Katie has shown through her dedication, fun spirit and hard work that she is committed to the Playworks Colorado movement. Everyone at Playworks Colorado is extremely happy that Coach Katie has joined the Colorado team.

Thank you Coach Katie for bringing safe and healthy play to McMeen every day!