Playworks Colorado Celebrates AmeriCorps Week 2018—We’re Getting Things Done

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AmeriCorps week is March 11-17 and a time where we celebrate, recognize, and appreciate the hard work our services members put in to make our communities feel safe and successful. Playworks Colorado AmeriCorps members are getting things done in their communities by leveraging safe and healthy play. They have served a combined 22,1oo hours in the 2017-2018 school year so far.

Playworks Colorado AmeriCorps members serve in order to prioritize play and make it a contributing factor to the school day. They transform school culture and improve class time by making playgrounds safe and fun for thousands of children. They create an environment where children feel happier and healthier and where they can go back to the classroom more ready to learn. Our AmeriCorps coaches serve because they want to make a difference and have an impact on their communities.

Playworks Colorado is proud to participate in AmeriCorps week and honor our fantastic team of AmeriCorps members that are getting things done!

Below are reasons why each of our AmeriCorps Members serve, how long they have served, and a game they like to play or share with others. A commonality amongst all of these stories is their passion for play and the joy they have in creating new opportunities for their students and communities.

Coach D

I have been serving since August 2015; third year as an AmeriCorps coach.

I serve because I believe every kid deserves a chance for safe and healthy play. My Junior Coaches keep me on my toes and I love them.

My favorite game to play is kickball.


Site Coordinator Dani (AmeriCorps Alumni)

I was an AmeriCorps member for two years.

I’m passionate about Playworks because not only does it positively bring communities together, but it also gives students another opportunity to be successful in school.

My favorite game to share with others is Appreciation Tag. This game allows students and staff to see the important role they play in each other’s lives, while also building trust and friendship.


Coach Katie

I have been an AmeriCorps member for only about eight months.

I serve because I love to see joy in the students I work with.

My favorite game to play in foursquare. It’s competitive and silly at the same time. It’s an easy game to teach winning, losing, kindness, and positivity all at the same time.


Coach Liz

I have been an AmeriCorps member since mid-December 2017.

I serve because I get to tap into my playful energy and teach students life skills through play.

My favorite game to share with others is “Gotcha.” It’s perfect for kids and adults; it lightens the mood and is a quick energizer.


Coach Jacob

I’ve been serving since December 2017.

I serve because I enjoy making an impact and AmeriCorps allows me an outlet to do so.

I love the team building game “Angry Birds”—it’s really great for teaching teamwork to my students.


Coach Kale

This is my second year with AmeriCorps. The first year was spent with Reading Corps, and the second with Playworks.

I serve because I take Ghandi’s quote, “be the change you wish to see in the world,” very seriously. I have also had great mentors in the past that have led me in the right directions, and I want to pay their generosity forward.

My favorite game to play is football. My favorite game to share with others is soccer.


Coach Michelle

This is my first year as an AmeriCorps member!

I serve to not only know that I am doing good for others but also to see the kids happy! I love being able to put a smile on their face or to teach them a new game.

Mountain Ball or Kickball Dodgeball. They are my favorite because you are constantly being active and able to work as a team!


Site Coordinator Jamie (AmeriCorps Alumni)

I was an AmeriCorps member for two service years.

I served as an AmeriCorps member because I have always had a passion for service and dedicating my time to enriching others. I specifically love working in youth development so I was very excited to be able to combine service and working with youth at Playworks.

My favorite game to play is Everybody’s It Tag. I even play it with the 16-year-old volleyball girls that I coach.


Coach Lisa

This is my third year being an AmeriCorps member.

I enjoy helping out my community and hope I make a difference in at least one kiddo’s life.

My favorite game to play is Kickball and my favorite game to share with others is Pony Express (tag game/lead up to kickball).


Program Manager Stacy (AmeriCorps Alumni)

I was an Americorps member for one year.

I served because I loved feeling like I was a part of a larger movement that was focused on doing good and making a change.

My favorite game is the Maze game because I love to see how kids have to use teamwork and communication skills to accomplish their goal.


Coach Susahnn (AmeriCorps Alumni)

I was an AmeriCorps Member for one year: 2014-2015.

I served because I really wanted to work with Playworks. And once I learned about how the AmeriCorps program really engages an individual in their community, I knew it would make me a better Playworks coach.

Magic Tag has become one of my favorite games to play because I can use it to teach so many amazing social and emotional skills. I love talking about using teamwork to unfreeze someone. I love talking about helping people and not just running by them because you are afraid to get tagged. I love asking the taggers if it is nice to tag someone who is helping unfreeze someone. It is also an inclusive game because it slows kids down and gives them more time to breathe while still participating. And on the topic of inclusion, another coach suggested ways to limit the game and debrief with topics of exclusions and differences. I just think this is such a great game to teach a core social and emotional skill of empathy.


Program Manager Kelly (AmeriCorps Alumni)

I completed two years of service as an AmeriCorps Member.

I served because I wanted to get to know my local community better.

My favorite game to play and share is Ultimate Frisbee.


Coach Erik (AC Alumni)

I was an AmeriCorps member for two years.

I served because I wanted to impact the students and community in a positive way.

My favorite game to play and teach is soccer. I’ve played soccer since I was three years old, so my favorite part is watching kids learn and develop the skills needed to be successful.

If you are still with me, join us in a Roller Coaster Clap for all of our AmeriCorps Members, both that are currently serving and those who have served. Three chucks, four woos!


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