Amplifying our Impact with Community Shares Partnership

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For the past two years, Playworks has partnered with Community Shares to connects Coloradans to the charities and causes they care most about. We are thrilled to be a part of an organization striving to connect Colorado givers to impact local nonprofits in our community.

Through Community Shares, Coloradans have demonstrated that they care about building supportive, caring communities where kids can thrive.

And each contribution counts. Donating $1 a day will help Playworks continue to provide an elementary school with a trained professional to create an inclusive and safe environment for play so that children are happier, healthier, and more engaged in school.

Community Shares also allows companies to amplify their impact through workplace giving campaigns. Workplace giving campaigns provide an opportunity for employees and company leadership to work together on an annual drive to inspire charitable community investment. Giving campaigns are fun, team-building engagements that unite an organization’s employees around a common goal. Inviting employees to give through paycheck contributions is a benefit that increases a company’s positive impact on the community while respecting individual employees’ desire to express themselves by choosing their favorite charitable recipients.

Check to see if your company has a workplace giving campaign and donate today!

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