Announcing our October Coach of the Month!

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Our October Coach of the Month is . . . Coach Austin! Coach Austin is a second-year program coordinator at Meadow Community School in Thornton, CO. Coach Austin—or Coach T as he’s known at Meadow—has gone above and beyond to create meaningful and lasting relationships with both his staff and students. The administrators at his school speak highly of his rapport with everyone in the school community. They see him going the extra mile every day for his students, and so does the Colorado team.

During the month of October, Coach Austin stepped up to keep his middle school students involved in the Playworks program. In addition to our elementary school hockey league, he has created a space for middle school students to play the sport. Coach Austin is leading intra-recess hockey games during middle school recess blocks leading up to a championship game. Middle school students throughout the school have signed up and are committed to developing their hockey skills as well as teamwork and positive sporting behavior. Because our program focuses primarily on elementary students, middle school can often take a back seat. Austin aims to make sure middle school students get the most out of their recess too.

Coach Austin continues to show that he is committed to the Playworks movement not just for elementary students, but for all students.

Thank you, Coach Austin, for bringing safe and healthy play to Meadow Community School every day!

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