Playworks travels to Washington, D.C.

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More than a dozen  representatives from Playworks cities around the country traveled to Washington, D.C. to share their stories of triumph from the playground earlier this spring. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) invited Playworks staff and coaches to DC to highlight the great work of Playworks in schools across the country.

Playworks Denver Executive Director Andrea Woolley and Program Coordinator Kelli Garrison were among those to make the journey. They met with Senator Michael Bennet as well as staffers from Representatives Udall, DeGette, Coffman, Perlmutter and Polis’s offices.  

The visit to Capitol Hill was a great opportunity to meet with policymakers and discuss the importance of bringing play back to schools and communities as a whole; and to showcase the positive impact Playworks has on schools in the areas we serve.  

Thanks to all the congressional representatives and staffers who took time out of their day to learn about the mission of play spreading across America.     

Playworks Executive Director Andrea Woolley, Senator Michael Bennet and Playworks Coach Kelli Garrison. 

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