Coaches Travel to Preservice Training in Denver, CO

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Playworks Houston had an awesome start to the school year with pre-service training for our coaches in Denver, Colorado. During the pre-service week, Houston coaches were able to train with new and returning Playworks coaches from Houston and Denver. It was a great week full of learning, training, team building, and fun Playworks style! After a week of training, our coaches were pumped up and ready for the school year!

We are excited to have 10 coaches and 10 schools for the 3rd full year of Playworks programming in Houston.

Welcome Back returning Coaches!
 Dwayne Thomas (Playworks Houston) and Mary Riley (Playworks Detroit)
Welcome new Coaches!
Rachel Wollenburg, Virginia Hernandez, Micah Merritt, Nina Matchett, Amber Boyd, Heather Checky, Courtney Hatchett and Shree Brod



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