Waukesha County Community Foundation at recess with Swanson Elementary

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Here at Playworks we believe in seeing our impact firsthand. Often for a lot of people, it’s hard to grasp what we do without ever seeing our team in action at recess. That’s why we always encourage people to get out on the playground with us. 

Last week we had visitors from Waukesha County Community Foundation visiting our first school partner in the School District of Elmbrook, Swanson Elementary. And we had a blast!

First, we participated in a Playworks class where students and teachers learned new games including Everybody’s It Tag, Dragon’s Treasure, and Grocery Store. During this class, our Playworks Coach’s recess challenge was Good Sporting Behavior. The class discussed what it sounds and feels like before trying it out during their games. Students gave examples including encouraging their teammates, high fiving players on both teams, and managing disappointment in a way that doesn’t leave anyone too upset to keep playing the game. After play, students were challenged to identify the impact that good sporting behavior has on tone of the game and the feelings of the players.

Lastly, we got to check in with our Junior Coaches and talk to them about why they wanted to be student leaders. Our Junior Coaches all expressed that they wanted to make sure everyone at their school is included and has fun. One Junior Coach said, “Not everyone has a big brother to teach them about games and being a good sport, so I wanted to make sure that I filled that role for them if they needed it.” Our Junior Coaches are truly the best at making students feel welcome at school. 

Showing off our amazing Junior Coaches, our awesome Playworks staff, and stellar programming is our favorite way to educate our community. Thank you so much to Waukesha County Community Foundation for giving us the opportunity to showcase our programming and to Melissa Baxter and Emily Gillingham for jumping in and playing with us!

If you want to come see Playworks in action contact Executive Director, PJ Dever at pj.dever@playworks.org.

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