UnitedHealthcare Continues Playing by Teaming Up with Playworks

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UnitedHealthcare employees transitioned to full time telecommuting as a precautionary measure in March of 2020 when Covid 19 began to take hold across the Country. Like our kids, many employees were feeling isolated, scared and stressed. In addition to daily responsibilities at work, many were now also trying to help teach their children at home. UnitedHealthcare leadership was looking for ways to support employees and help them decompress.

In May, 2020, Playworks staff facilitated a Virtual Corporate Recess via Zoom with UnitedHealthcare employees. The theme of the recess was innovation, a core value that UnitedHealthcare promotes within its organization. It was a fun filled hour of outside the box activities such as a scavenger hunt, finding additional uses for everyday items and storytelling. The UnitedHealthcare team received a game book in advance with Playworks games specifically designed for adults working at home. Jim Ryan, a Member Advocate at UHC stated “The Playworks staff are great at keeping everyone engaged within their comfort zones. I left this corporate recess having made a connection to someone new and having developed an existing relationship in a positive way!”

If your organization is interested in bringing some creativity and levity into your workplace, Playworks Corporate Recess workshops provide fun icebreakers and games that foster teamwork. Workshop themes can include topics such as confidence, creativity, inclusion, problem-solving, collaboration, empathy and conflict resolution. Play is not just essential for kids; it is an important source of stress relief and stimulation for adults as well. Many corporations are actively building play into the workplace, as research shows that play at work increases productivity and morale and decreases illness, stress, absenteeism and healthcare costs.

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