Playworks Wisconsin Aims to Reach 10X the Number of Kids in 2020

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Playworks Wisconsin is excited to do its part to bring safe and healthy play to 3.5 million kids in 7,000 schools nationally by the end of 2020

Playworks for every kid has always been our vision. After 20 years of bringing safe and healthy play to hundreds of thousands of kids across the country, Playworks has attracted $26 million in funding to bring the power of play to 10% of the nation’s elementary schools. Play improves children’s social and emotional well-being and readiness to learn. When we make safe, healthy play a priority in 7,000 elementary schools, we can reach a tipping point of change in the education system.

In Wisconsin, we are excited to announce that while we have already directly impacted 15,000 children in 25 schools (most in the Milwaukee Public Schools District and some in Waukesha), we intend to bring safe and healthy play to 37,000 kids in this year alone through a combination of Playworks Coach, TeamUp, and Pro services.

Mequon-Thiensville School District is on its way to becoming one of our first Playworks districts. Through this partnership, 35 core staff members will learn how to bring the Playworks mindset and systems to their three elementary schools. Together we will have the chance to impact over 1,200 students. Fourteen additional schools in the Milwaukee Public School District will participate in newly-offered training services, impacting another 5,500 students.

With new, creative, and flexible services, we’re taking Playworks on the road in Wisconsin. We need ambassadors and community resources to do our part. Let us know if you are interested in opportunities to help us work towards our AIM.

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