February Junior Coach of the Month!

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Meet Tyriq, our Junior Coach winner for February!

Here at Elm Creative Arts, kids are in a difficult environment because many of their peers are disrespectful towards each other and the adults. Tyriq was a very shy and timid student in the beginning of the year when he started as a Junior Coach. But Tyriq was concerned about kids not being able to experience healthy play at our school and wanted to do something about it.

Tyriq voiced a concern in a Junior Coach meeting about bullying that sparked a movement with the other Junior Coach’s and the entire school. Before that meeting, he wouldn’t really talk much, nor would he interact with a lot of kids during recess. This is why he said he joined to be a Junior Coach.

He is now showing kids how to be safe, responsible, and respectful, all while still having healthy fun. His go-to in order to solve most conflicts while he is leading games at his shift is ro-sham-bo. He is still shy but he is coming out of his shell everyday. Tyriq is starting to talk more during trainings, use a better coach voice at recess, and during Class Game Time, he always sets a great example of how to experience healthy play to build a strong community.

Tyriq takes his leadership as a Junior Coach very seriously, not only when he has on the purple shirt, but also in the classroom and on the playground, and according to his parents, it is all he talks about at home. He does all of his homework, and his teacher always has nothing but the best complements when it comes to Tyriq.

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