Playworks Celebrates Another Successful Year

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Playworks Wisconsin is celebrating the end of its third full year of programming in Milwaukee. We are proud to close out another successful year of play and report the following accomplishments for 2014-15:

  • We played with more than 6,600 students each day.

  • We played more than 217,550 minutes at recess.

  • We led 7,600 class game times.

  • 200 students participated in the Junior Coach Leadership Program.

  • We spent more than 600 hours leading Junior Coach leadership training.

  • 394 students participated in Playworks leagues.

  • More than 130 volunteers came to play.

These accomplishments would not be possible without all of our amazing partners in play! A big thank you to all of our coaches for the hard work this school year and a giant whoosh clap to our 2015 Award Recipients:

Junior Coach of the Year

Kendall King

Hopkins Lloyd Community School

“To be a good Junior Coach, you have to be good at playing games and know how to modify movement for the little kids. When I play kickball, I don’t kick as hard with the little kids. You have to think about safety so no one gets hurt. Also, drink lots of water.” Read more about Kendall

Power Player of the Year

Mrs. Pam Marquardt

Siefert Elementary

“All the teamwork, all the communication, and all the positivity students learn through Playworks encompasses their life in more aspects than just during their Playworks time or at recess; it's turned into a way of life for both students and staff. I am proud to be an educator at a Playworks school…. I could not imagine teaching without it.”

MVP, Most Valuable Principal

Ms. Nieves Harris

Allen-Field Elementary

“The Playworks program is an essential element to creating and sustaining a positive school culture for all members of our community.”

Rookie Coach of the Year

Kevin Jennings

Hamlin Garland School

"Play brings out the best in all of us. Playworks brought out the best in me."

Veteran Coach of the Year

Atoi Sinclair

Siefert Elementary

“I love the foundation and the principals that Playworks is built on. The core values: respect, inclusion, healthy play, and healthy community are things that I try to embody for the staff and students at my school as well as other Playworks coaches. It's an honor to receive the Playworks Wisconsin Veteran of the Year award, but I would not have been able to accomplish the things that I did without the support and help from these great coaches and managers!”

The Playworks Peep

Kevin Rodgers

Hopkins Lloyd Community School

“Sir Isaac Newton said it best: "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed." Being awarded the Playworks Peep and having the fortunate opportunity to spread positivity and play throughout our city, state, and beyond is due entirely to the incredible amount of positive energy I have received from fellow Playworks coaches, students, and adults this year.”

Thank you for a great year! Check out more photos from the Playworks awards ceremony.



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